Monday, February 13, 2012

You Must Be Born Again

Greetings, in the Name of the Lord, Jesus. A continual bump in the road of life, for fellowship in love is the hammerings of some at everyone else as to "what they must do". We have a section of believers who say do nothing, and another section that says get to work, still yet another that......whew! I guess you get my meaning, by now. I, very much, believe our misunderstandings are not disagreements and that we have been sorely impressed by religion to think of all Bible thought activity to relate to a time and place far off yonder. It is sad, that many do not see Now, and value or know what and who they are. The main reason for this note, is the study I have been involved in, for a while, on duality (some call it mixture). The coat tails of this has uncovered a lot, a new way of seeing and hearing. We all, sure do contradict ourselves a lot. Preachers, among the worse, because of the polish and skill of delivery, even without intent, these phrases are just taken, not questioned. This seems harmless, If it can't be picked out, what harm can it do? Simply, It blocks rest.

Speaking of the finished work of Jesus, on the cross, not everyone sees this the same. It isn't necessary to. Even the Apostle, tiptoed around the details by saying, I claim nothing among you, except Jesus, Him crucified, buried and resurrected. The main theme is us contradicting our self in what we say. "You must be born again", is a topic that has come up, as of late, and to make certain I am not mistaken, I'd like to prime on this example, throughout this note.

So we could, very well, subtitle this, "The finished work of Jesus, what is there left for us to do?"

Let us start by giving some foundation to the finished work, for those who may not yet be on the same page. God, our creator and creator of all things, came to earth, in the form of man. Just exactly like you and I, in every way, but one. His seed was from his heavenly Father, planted in Mary, a virgin. Yes, the WORD, became flesh and walked among men as man.

It is at this time, some, would interject, that we are the seed of Adam, so full of fallen man and his sin nature, corrupt and awful, in need, in desperate need of forgiveness and acceptance of God, being constantly opposed in life by ignorance and the devil, so unloved, that God can scarcely look at us. Why, we are so awful, we need a preacher to speak to Him, on our behalf. And if we work it just right and say the sinners prayer and do everything the preacher says, we may just squeak into heaven, some day, by the skin of our teeth. But keep doing good, at all cost, cause one day, we stand before God and He's gonna judge us! If we didn't do enough good or we forgot to get forgiven for any secret sin, well we just gonna burn......forever. So you MUST REPENT, be sorry, feel bad, be beat down and broken and confess your sin, Tell Jesus, you don't want to burn, you want to live with Him, forever. You've got to get on your face and get right with God! If you'll do this....He will do that>>>>> God won't look on a sinner, He can't stand sin! You have to kill the old man of sin! Oh you have to come and give it all!...... Bless God, so you won't burn! you're born again.......go and live like Jesus. more SAVED!! hagh! AayMa'un! HAUgh! Praise God, He is good and He is JUST. Whoooo, what a great God, If we do like He says, He let's us live, if we don't He tortures us forever. Maybe we should parent like this...Our kids can get love and provision from us, if they agree and obey, but if they don't...........I'm afraid it's got to be punishment.....cause we have to be just.... Everyone needs a good dungeon in their basement, so we can get our children to love us and obey's for their own good.

Perhaps the above paragraph, got a bit off topic, but I don't think so. It is near exact, how I learned. Better stated, it is nearly everything I had to UNLEARN. Oh it gets much worse, if you happened into a spirit filled church. "You Gott-taH" is the creed, I think. You gottah this and gottah that and if you'll this, He'll that. You have to....... It is all about you and what you do. You don't have the Holy Spirit if you ain't got the evidence, Hagh!.......... OMG! No this is SO wrong....ALL OF IT!

Hopefully, you are still with me, and the above, familiar or not, hasn't caused you alarm. The good part is coming.

Now, acknowledging, the above as a list of rules we must follow to be born again, we may hopefully start to see that this is something we truly need to be freed from and that Jesus took care of that too. Galatians 5:1-4 MSG

Christ has set us free to live a free life. So take your stand! Never again let anyone put a harness of slavery on you. I am emphatic about this. The moment any of you submits to circumcision or any other rule-keeping system, at that same moment Christ's hard-won gift of freedom is squandered. I repeat my warning: the person who accepts the ways of circumcision trades all the advantages of the free life in Christ for the obligations of the salve life of the law. I suspect you would never intend this, but this is what happens. When you attempt to live by your own religious plans and projects, you are cut off from Christ, you fall out of grace.

We do know, Grace is how we are saved?

Let us sow a bit of truth, here, for a minute. The Law was given to Moses, for Israel, that they may be found righteous, in the sight of God. They lived by a set of rules and each year(the High Priest) had to atone for their sins(coming short of the law). I think every Bible story ever taught me growing up in church was Old covenant. Think about it. Adam Eve, Sin, Noah, Jonah, The fiery furnace, Moses, Joseph, Abraham, Isaac ....everything, law based and how we must be good to be accepted. And, of course, the swift mighty discipline of God on His people. Never anything relevant to life and especially to life, this side of the cross. It was always about how bad we are and how Jesus died for us. yet we even missed that great sacrifice and it's purpose and meaning. The Law was never afforded to the non Jew. How is it we picked up on trying to keep all the rules that were never given us to follow anyway? How is it we think we can be obedient to the word of God and no one else has.....ever. If this were possible, we would not have needed the cross.

I am going to move on, before this article becomes a book.

The work of Jesus, where he became the son of man, so we may become the sons of God, is the good news(gospel). He did everything as man, because we were unable to, in our own power. Even Jesus would have been unable, without the Holy Spirit. He had the Holy Spirit, without measure. Through His death, burial, and resurrection, we NOW do too. He became sin, everything mankind were and had become, since Adam harnessed all men with this disease and ALL diseases. A true separation of God and us, in our minds(souls). God, through this finished work, reconciled man back to Himself. We do not do any of the reconciling. We do not do anything to be reborn, we do not do anything to become righteous, holy, good, acceptable, etc. God did it ALL for us, through Jesus. When Jesus became us on the cross, He died and all the disease, separation, and opposition to God died with and as what He became. When Jesus arose, He was totally healed, with out any of the sin, death or disease, no separation, whatsoever, and this is our resurrection also. See Romans 6:5-11 His death is ours and His resurrection is ours. We are made one with Him. We are MADE. He did it. We do not do it......we wake up to the truth of it. Gal 2:20 We have been crucified with Him. John, in his first epistle, tells us we are just as He is. This victory and state of mind, is the mind of Christ, we are intended to walk in. Now, continually. How Jesus was reborn is exactly how and WHEN we were. For He was crucified, buried and raised as mankind. Oh My! Glory to God!

It would be remiss, if we didn't touch on "free will", a bit. This has been taken way outside truth, so let us attempt some repair to the issue, briefly, yet fully acknowledgment, that this is a topic, in itself. We did not chose when the world was formed, nor any part of creation of the father. We did not chose when Adam brought sin into the world, nor that it would be imposed on all mankind. We did not chose when it was taken out of the world, by Jesus and the finished work, nor may we apply it as we wish to whomever we wish. This work is applied to All man, just as the original sin was. There were once, TWO natures, the nature of Adam and the Nature of God. Now as the death, burial and resurrection have passed, the One nature is all that got up! Adam is dead and gone. We didn't choose that either. None of us chose, when we were born, or to whom we were born. None of us get to choose when we are (more correctly) WERE, reborn either!

Let's touch on "born again". This is possibly among the most spoken and cherished phrases in all Christendom. Born again believer. Makes us something.....possibly something of our own choosing(invention). Let me tell you, we choose, in life only. In life, where we are given a crown and dominion. This does not extend, beyond this life, nor can it change what God has said or done, on our behalf. Religion and tradition says we are born or reborn when we say....and when we do. Is this not ludicrous? When has any.....been able to say when they would be born. Even our Lord, Jesus, was told by Father....3 days after the death. The phrase "born again" is, in original language, spoken as BORN FROM ABOVE. So when we say born again, we are really speaking, born from above. Born again is written in the bible 3 times, each may do the word research and see it is, born from above. Further, each time it is mentioned, the phrase refers to the Jewish people, who had an "old covenant" of law, to be reborn from. Paul is not recorded, as teaching this to Gentiles, nor is there any instruction to the church in this regard. What is this? Born from God...born from the Spirit, born from other than the dust, possibly, born from the resurrection! Consider, nothing a man does, dictates the workings or thoughts of God Almighty. We do not drive Him, nor may we negate His work and Will.

When Jesus was on the cross, after He died, there are events that are recorded. The sky grew dark, the earth and rocks shook, the Vail in the Most Holy place, was rent in two. The declaration that came from All this; BEHOLD< I MAKE ALL THINGS NEW! Yes, the old has passed away. Adam, the prince of the world is dead and his very nature too. We now, are born the seed of Father God, with His Divine nature. Did you hear? There is only One nature and it is His, made in us. Finished work preaching says this often. Do we believe it? Not if we are prompting everyone to be born again(born from above). Who can, on their own, be born from above? None! None were worthy to break the seals. None in heaven, none in the earth, Nay, none, under the earth......But the Lamb of God, Jesus! Mankind were born from above, by the work of the cross. His word is written in our hearts, we read in scripture. How may this be, if we are not born from above, born from God, His seed? Yes we are the Word that will not return to Him void. Paul called it a mystery, Christ in you!, the hope of glory. Well let us call the mystery solved! Christ is in you....ALL. This must be because of God, and evidence that we are born from above. selah Some shoutn is in order, for this is worthy and true.

Now I am not trying to change all Christianity, but maybe God is. We speak mixture all too often. Grace preachers, telling us there is nothing we can do....then telling us what we must do. Finished work preachers, telling us it is finished and ministering from what is not finished. Being born from above was so very imperative, that God seen it done! He did it for us. We must needs to wake up to the truth of our Father and live! There can be NO need of ours that God has not met, or else He is a liar. We know He is no liar. Let every man be a liar and God be found True.

To close this up, I have, as we all do, a testimony. This testimony includes an experience of being born again. I would that none let go of this, yet they see it for what it truly is.....a spiritual awakening. I further as a man have often spoke that I felt as if I had been born again....again. Truly, this is more spiritual growth. We get more light to see as we become more light to be. Allow me to encourage all to grow. I believe this is a direction/instruction of Father, GROW! He desires mature sons and religion would have us become babies, knowing only what that system feeds them. Do we really think there is a NEED, that hasn't been met by our Father? See we must become disconnected with truth to believe a lie. We do not need to do this, or need to do that, for acceptance by Father. It's Done.

What we have before us, is Life. Live it! We have been given all things pertaining to life and godliness. The way has been shown, the truth about that way and the very life that comes from the truth about that way. Jesus is the savior of the world. Salvation is for life and must be lived out. Acceptance is accomplished and promised, by He Who can not lie, our Father, God. Salvation is for life, in this house. Acceptance(by Father) is forever, without regard to house. We never should have been religiously impressed to think, born again, was salvation, or a one time act, on our part. I am certain we shall look at salvation, another time.

I hope this writ is enjoyed and nourished, by all who read. Bless you all

Eph 4:13

until all of us come to the unity of the faith and of the knowledge of the Son of God, to maturity, to the measure of the full stature of Christ.

Gregg Wilson

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Distortion of Truth

Distortion of Truth

Recently, only days and hours ago, I was called a teacher of a false gospel. This, I was in the process of walking away from, when church tonight was on the very topic. Yes, the Holy Ghost has a sense of humor. I am a trumpet of the Lord, ordained and sent to give His message and truth. In love, I reveal this to all that were in this discussion, hoping it shall show His truth and shed light in the dark places. I do not this, for my defense, I need none. Let the word speak.

Are we sinners? Religion would tell you yes, definitely. God, says different in many places. We shall work through the Pauline revelation for this time in the truth.

One of the scriptures that is mistaken so often is Romans 3:10. As it is written, There is none righteous, NO, not one.

Why exactly why, that tradition has us embrace this "we are sinners" is beyond me. What is to be gained by being a sinner or called a sinner? “I’m just an ol sinner, saved by grace” I don’t think any other than, this is an identity crisis! You will never be what Father wants you to be, until you see yourself as Father see you. Now back to task. The teachings of Paul are so very consistent, it is difficult to think we could mistake him. The people he wrote to were old covenant people. They had been living under the law. Paul said. “there is no one righteous, as to the law, no not one. King Jimmy has done us no favors in the translation department. Although this is what was said, often, it is not the way it is translated. We have to look at the whole of Paul's teaching to see his intent. Why don’t most drop on down to verse 21, in the same chapter and pick up on what the Apostle is writing; But now the righteousness of God without the Law is manifested, being witnessed by the law and the Prophets;

22 Even the righteousness of God which is by faith of Jesus Christ unto ALL and upon ALL them that believe: for there is no difference: For all have sinned and come short of the glory of God; 24 Being justified freely by His grace, through the redemption that is in Christ Jesus. The AMP says the redemption that is provided by Christ Jesus.

All were sinners as to the Law, yet none are as to the grace and redemptive work of the cross. Wow, hallelujah!

Further, the wages of sin is death. Where there is no law how can there be sin. Where there is resurrection, how can there be death! God can not exist or dwell in the presence of sin. He lives in us! How can we be sinners?

II Cor 5: 15-17 amp

And He died for all, so that those who live might live no longer to and for themselves, but to and for Him Who died and was raised again for their sake. Consequently, from now on we estimate and regard no one from a purely human point of view, in terms of natural standards of value(sinner). No even though we once did estimate Christ from a human viewpoint and as a man, yet now we have such knowledge of Him that we know Him no longer in terms of flesh. Therefore if any person is ingrafted in Christ he is a new creation( a new creature altogether); the old previous, moral and spiritual condition{SINNER is a moral condition} has passed away. Behold, the fresh and new has come. This is us inChristed! Since Jesus died on the cross, we are not even to refer to ourselves, as to flesh. Sin is of the flesh. We are not sinners! Are you beginning to see Father’s truth?

We are sinners as to the Law, but righteous as to God’s grace and the finished work of the cross. Hallelujah and glory

Also curious, is the wide spread definition of sin. How can there be any sin when there is no law. We put iniquity, failings, contempt, anger, deceitfulness and all such, into one big bundle and call it sin. It never was. It had to violate the law to be sin. This sin could be atoned via sacrifice. All sin HAS BEEN atoned in this way, through Jesus. The ultimate sacrifice, Jesus, the only begotten Son. The Lamb slain, before the foundation of the world. One man’s action of pride of life, brought sin into the world and one Man’s action of love took sin out of the world.

I am certainly not a false teacher. I am a trumpet of the Lord, ordained by Him to take His message and spread His truth. I have only scratched the surface, in this. Search for yourselves, please. Paul is very consistent in God’s teaching. Let’s look at who he wrote to and when it was written. Rightly dividing God's word of truth. All are sinners when the law is the measure, None are, when grace is the measure. We live under GRACE! For He, who is the source of our prophesying, is not a God of confusion and disorder, but of peace and order. As is the practice of all God's people. 1 Cor 14:33

II Cor 5:19-21 amp

It was God, personally present in Christ, reconciling and restoring the world to favor with Himself......taking away the sin, my wording.....not counting up and holding against men, their trespasses, but canceling them, and committing to us the message.......that sin has been canceled, my wording

As He is, so are we in the earth……We are one with Him….He is Jesus and He is no sinner.

Neither are we. Amen

Thank you brethren for hearing the word of the Lord


Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Who am I who was I

Who am I ? Who was I ?

I was corrupt and in the world.......He cleaned me up and seperated me for His pleasure and purpose
I was overwhelmed and fell short.......He forgave me and showed me His love
I lost my mind......... He gave me His
I was affraid and fled the light.............He made me the light and told me to shine to the world
I was sickly and weak.......He healed and restored me, whole, forever
I had many enemies.....He promised; no weapon formed against me, would prosper
I had no confidence...He assured my success...Whom shall I fear?
I had no knowledge or understanding....He revealed Himself to me and made me complete
I thought I dissapointed God.... He loves me and is well pleased...wants to spend time with me, daily...He knows my name...HE IS NOT MAD AT ME
I sought to gain His approval...It was a wasted effort, He created me in His image
I didn't know He trusted me......He gave me dominion over the world
I did not know if I would win......He won for me and allows me victories, every day
Tradition had me lined up to fail....He allowed His word in my heart and I overcame tradition
I did not know what to believe.....I was delivered from unbelief
I wondered where I'd end up...He made me a citizen of the kingdom.
I needed a purpose......He ask me to follow Him and made me a part of the Royal Preisthood
I was accused by the world......He made me righteous
The enemy said, "yeh, but you are still poor".....He told me I was delivered from lack, it had been defeated and He owned the cattle on a thousand hillsides, And I...(AM), joint heir
I thought I was empty....He gave me All things, filled me with His Spirit, and surrounded me with His love
I then ask for blessing....He said all is yours, already...only learn to receive what has been given
I needed direction.....He illuminated my path and ordered my steps
I needed strength..........He gave me His power
I hadn't enough faith....He gave me His
I wanted assurance.......He gave me His promises....and had them written down
I wanted to get through to God....Jesus Is my intercessor
I cried because I was alone.....He sent, the promise of God, His Spirit, to live in me
I wanted a family.....He called me son

.......Thanks Dad......


......"Yes...yes you can".....

"I will never leave you.....The Holy Spirit lives in you....We are ONE!"

He had to go away.......

He ask me to be Him... until He comes back

How will I know If I am doing it right?......

Signs and wonders will follow you

Are You sure???....

YES.... Do it in MY NAME

Love you

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

The Nicolaitanes

Greetings Saints,
As promised, A study of this false doctrine and it's spirit. This spirit is alive and thriving in the body today. This is a source of confusion and is readily grasped by many church goers, today. So let's get into it, and please, as always, get confirmation in God's word.
The word Nicolaitanes is given to describe a group of adherents to a christian heresy. This is a wrong teaching, with false doctrine, hence the word heresy is appropriately applied. The word is greek. A compound word made of three root words. Because this is a proper noun, it is translated to English in the form you read here. The first root word, from the greek is, Nikos. This is defined as; a conquest; triumph; conquered; and by implication, dominancy over the defeated. The second root word is, laos, people. The Nikos-laos, another use is Nicolas (english), means; one who is victorious over the people. Laos, means laymen and further, laiton; a Greek phrase meaning the laity. The third root in Nicolaitanes, is ton, as we seen in laiton. This, Nickos-laos-ton, becomes Nicolaitanes, a proper noun, in English, meaning; the bishops and prelates of the Church have gained a triumphal victory or conquest over the laiton, or laity, until they have been compelled to submit to the arbitrary dominion of men who have become that thing that God hates! The saddest thing thus far, may be, that there are those in the Christian Church, who do not hold to the doctrines of the Nicolaitanes, yet practice their deeds of dominating the laity by lording it over the Church of Jesus Christ, no matter the denomination. This Church, which should be subject only to one Divine Master. It is worthy to note that often, these have assumed this lordship because they are esteemed very highly in love for their work's sake, but have become vainly puffed up, in their fleshly mind. Brothers!, "Beware of the leaven of the Pharisees."

Now, moving on, I could easily go deep into history and tell of the first Roman Church and say much of the first seven deacons, in the early church. One of which was named Nicholas, who is often credited with Nicholaism. He was granted this title, not by his own will, but by others seeking to lend credibility to the doctrines. And we could hang about and discuss much history. This not the purpose, at all, let's speak of more relevant matters. Getting to the beginning and on to today, with understanding. Nicolaitane or follower of Nicolas, had its origin in Nimrod. Nimrod was the first Nicholas. Genesis 10:8 Nimrod, with in 200 years of the flood, had conquered the people and founded civilization. During his life, he commanded his subjects to worship him, rather than God. He was later, after his death, called Baal. Now I'm not going to try to get you to stop your Christmas traditions, but another name for him was Santa. YES, Saint Nicholas is Santa Claus. Many unknowingly honor Nimrod every December 25th. This is not the focus of this study, yet it could not be omitted. We all know Santa is not dominating us......hopefully.
Lets go to a few scriptures. 1 Timothy 5:17. Let the elders that rule well, meaning to guide - lead - preside well, be counted worthy of double honor, especially those who labour in the word and doctrine. Wonder why to lead and guide is stressed and nothing of drive, dictate or dominate is referenced. The way Matthew states it in Matthew 23:8-11 There is but one Divine head and all else are servants. The Nicolaitanian spirit is active today. Church boards and deacons out of scriptural harmony with God, ruling over, and stating who may and who may not. God hates their deeds, I tell you. There have been many denominations started on the precept of a man being over another. How did we get so far out of wack? Deacons, who are supposed to be lower than any member and serving all, helping others above themselves, how did this office get to become the chief administrators in traditional churches today? Having more say than anyone and most assuredly, giving a false pretence of authority in any church, exercising dominion over the laity. And, albut forsaking the qualifications of this office, while replacing them with others, that were never intended, but make one feel superior today. Well he is man of one wife! Some will gladly add living wife....But he don't read, study or pray. If he did, understanding of those last two entries would be known. Must be filled with the Holy Ghost! Don't even know Him and openly refute His gifts. Must be an example in life as one who has experience, spiritually. Yet, lives defeated, sick feeble, and little or no witness, not apt to teach and does not know. Deacons were not meant to lord over or run the church, any church. A dictator bishop is just as common and just as out of line. Lead, guide, and submit to the head>>.. No not you pastor, not you teacher, wait a minute, Elder, the Holy Ghost is the head. The clergy is not to be exalted. We all have done it, one way or another. Let's go with what Jesus says, "he who desires to be first, must be last."
These doctrines are not only limited to leadership. Lets talk of some others. Jude 1:4 warns of ungodly men, who were,"turning the grace of our God into lasciviousness." The Nicolaitanes were willing to accept Jesus as their savior but not their Lord and Master. Sound familiar? Luke 6:46 Jesus ask why do you call me Lord and not do what I say. Like other false teachings, of that time and this, the Gnostics shared a common view of spiritual knowledge through mystical experiences. They foolishly believed that this knowledge alone was sufficient for salvation. Sorta like today, tradition speaks; believe in Jesus and go to heaven. Leaving out much needed repentance and confession. How many line the church benches, having not a relationship or experience that is genuine. Do you see how dangerous and why Jesus hates the deeds of this doctrine. The Revelation of Jesus Christ mentions, Nicolaitanes twice in chapter 2. It is both, deeds and doctrines, mentioned to the two churches in Verses 6, and 15. The Lord demands repentance on the part of those who hold and practice these things and He threatens drastic punishment if they do not obey Him:
"Repent; or else I will come unto thee quickly, and will fight against them with the sword of my mouth," (Revelation 2:16).
We must be on our guard, always, for false doctrines. In a religious setting, laced with some good old familiar tradition and a sensation of comfort, we just may not see it right off. God is not the author of confusion and His word is plain. You can't think your way saved and man is not to have dominion over another in an ecclesiastical setting. This is easier to see in some denominations than others, but, none are exempt. Anywhere there is authority, there is an opportunity for it to be mishandled. ALL authority is given of God. And anywhere salvation is explained without repentance, it's a miss. You can ABC til the cows come home and it won't mean a thing until there is repentance. Salvation is a gift of Grace and can not be earned. Believe in your heart...not your head. For out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaks. Confess Jesus! and Speak Life to everyone, Jesus came, so that we may HAVE...Life. My hope, is that this ministers to you.
Love ya


Friday, August 21, 2009

The Wall Of Life

The Wall of Life

Consider this heavily, brethern. Jesus, is the corner stone. The stone, by which all is aligned and supported. This is figurative, but quite literal, as it pertains to construction and our lives. Now the corner stone is in place, (it is finished) and we start to lay more stones to the structure and add to the kingdom, by our works. Going from the first cornerstone to the next, it is fairly easy to get the next stone straight, level and plumb. We can lay one stone to another almost identical and same in results. We can day, in life without messing up.....maybe. A funny thing......If we get out of line or level or plumb just the slightest fraction of a little bit, we have altered the "course". A block wall that is out of line 1/8 inch in a foot, will be out be out a whole inch in 8 feet.......10 inches in 80 feet.....100 inches in 800 feet. I think you get the picture. Compare this wall to life, for a moment. Note some, will not even acknowledge the corner stone. What possible chance do they have of staying in line and on course? We go, find the corner stone, (reborn) start laying our wall ( building the kingdom). The corner stone (Jesus) is the perfect expample, it is easy to lay a (1) stone next to it (for a short time) and make it the same. But one stone is not near a wall (short time is not a life) and we got to build a wall (LIVE), not easy. We have to work. That alone may help some. Some who would think they do not have to. The preacher will do it. Right? Somebody else will. I can't, just now. Maybe later. Maybe? Going on; The world will offer different models, different ways to measure, maybe even try to get you to substitute lessor materials, than the stone you've been told and know, to use. Lure you with promise of profit. Burden you with material bills. Impede your progress in many ways. Hinder labor, effect desire to excell, get you more focused on playing than working. Your flesh may hurt, your strength may vary, your desire to accomplish, may be clouded by weariness and fatigue. Excellence is mostly the last thing on your mind.......... Did you forget to go back and take note of the corner stone? Is your wall straight? Are you getting anything done, for the kingdom? If we would take note of Jesus, before every work, we could start to see excellence, in our wall. The Bible in Matthew 6 tells us; to put our stores in the kingdom first. Hard to get side tracked when God's kingdom is the focus. Amen? Sometimes these walls are so far out.....they have be completely torn down. The Bible says we must be broken to yield, to Him. When the wall is destroyed, the original project remains,(God's call is without repentance) so how then are we to get started back building the wall, how will we begin, what do I need to start, I don't want to, I can't! but what am I gonna.........It has been such a long time since I was on track> my wall is awful, what can I do with this mess! WHAT SHALL I DO!!!.......OH, yesss. Mmmm. The corner stone.....It (He) is still intact. Still straight, still level, and still plumb. STILL ON THE THRONE! Glory!!Waiting. Waiting for us to build on Him. You know, Block and brick layers use a string line to keep their work straight. They refer to it with every action. That string is the very thing, that keeps them on course. This string can establish; right from left and up from down. If this string is used properly......the wall (your life), will not be out of line. Yet, this string, it is not their foundation, but a guide. IT IS, required, for excellent accomplishment. There is another thing that layers use......mortar. This is soft at first then sets up hard, to hold the stones in place. A great assistance, in the integrity of any wall (life). This mortar... is our understanding. Until we apply the mortar, we are not solid in our construction. I contend to you all, who would hear and read; The corner stone is JESUS CHRIST.......The string, is the WORD OF GOD (Bible).........and the wall of accomplishment is YOUR VERY LIFE! And the mortar is your UNDERSTANDING/ APPLICATION! See, All through time, God has wanted us to build and establish His It is established, in heaven, just not here....yet. This is evident in Jesus teaching us to pray...."Thy kingdom come". In the earliest of times men jacked it up, plenty. So God sent His Son to be the corner stone of the church and to provide a way for us to be saved from death and sin. We have to "lay hold" of the commissioned work, set before us. Build and quit tearing down! LOOK at Jesus (cornerstone), stay lined with God's Word (string line), and accomplish your intended abundant life (straight, level, plumb wall), in the CONSTANT (never ceasing) pursuit of excellence! Applying understanding and wisdom (mortar)! It is inconceivable to lay a wall (live) with out these guides. All else is merely the stacking of stones. Action without result.................... Not really all.
I hope this has blessed you.
Love to all


Monday, August 3, 2009


I have received a lot of questions about the "afterlife", as it were, lately. I confess, I have not looked at it as an afterlife, in quite some time. Life is eternal and the realization of this has made it's view more in stages than segments. I don't think of the "after", anymore than I wonder about life in my 50's- 60's and beyond, here, still in this earthen vessel. It is only another level of growth. Advancement, even. I delivered a teaching on the judgements, not long ago. Here, I recall, a summerization of that teaching. This is written in the Bible, yet few do the research for themselves. I hope this helps you.
Here goes;
There are 3 judgment places and 3 thrones
1)The "Judgment Seat of Christ" 2 Cor 5:10For believers only "In the Air"
2)The "Throne of Glory" Matt 25:31-32 For the Nations "On the Earth"
3)The "Great White Throne" Rev 20:11-12For the wicked dead"In Heaven"

There are 5 judgments in all;
1) Believers for sin
2)Believers for works
3)The Jews
4)The Nations
5)The Wicked DeadJudgment

1*Believers as to sin, AD 30 at CalvaryBased on finished work of ChristJesus died to justify the believer. This judgment is past. Rom 10:4 - There is now no condemnation (judgment) to those that are in Christ. Rom 8:1-2 & John 5:24 - It was settled at the Cross! The judgment of believers is 3 fold, however. We are judged as a"sinner", a "son", and as a "servant", all three. As before stated the judgment as a sinner is past, already. As soon as a sinner accepts Jesus as personal saviour that settles sin judgement for them. Because our iniquities were laid on Him and are not on us. (Isa 53:5-6) This is atonement, for Adam's disobedience in the "Garden of Eden". The tendency to sin does not leave us with the new birth. We do get a counter force known as, the "new nature or new man". We become dual personalities, old and new together. The predominate nature depends on which we feed and which we starve. We take in this nourishment through the ear gate, the eye gate, mostly. Paul tells of this warfare in Romans7:1-25. This is continual until death of the flesh, then the old nature is gone. "Sins" are different than sin. Sins are outward acts of wrong doing. We give in to these because of our tendancy to sin. These are put away, daily, by confession. 1John 2:1 and 1John 1:9 tell of this.
Our judgement as "Sons" is for unconfessed sins. Heb 12:5-11 - We should then, judge ourselves. It is our duty as Sons. 1 Cor 11:31-32 Confess our sins. We judge our selves and confess and He is just to forgive. Jesus is our advocate with the Father. In the judgement as a "servant", we move to the 2nd judgement, 2*believers for works. This is future and results in reward or loss. This takesplace after the Church is caught out, "in the air", at the JudgementSeat of Christ. 2 Cor 5:10 -Believers only 1Cor 4:51 Thess 4:17 This judgement is not a trial or test. Saved or lost, pass or fail, Heaven or Hell, has already been answered.1 Cor 9:24-271 Cor 3:11-15 The Crownings 1)Crown of Life ,A martyr's crown, Jas 1:12 Rev 2:10 This refers to martyrs of the tribulation period 2)Crown of Glory, For Elders or Pastors, 1Peter 5:2,4 3)Crown of Rejoicing, Soul winners crown,1 Thess 2:19-20 Phil 4:1 4) Crown of Righteousness, For those who love his appearing 2 Tim 4:8 5) Crown Incorruptible, Victor's crown, Those who do not give in to fleshly lust but "keep under their body"1 Cor 9:25-27 1 John 2:28 The Third Judgement, 3*For the Jews in the time of the Great Tribulation, takes place in Jerusalem and surrounding area. It is based on the rejection of the Godhead and will result in their conversion as they receive Christ as their Messiah. This is future. References of refusal 1 Sam 8:7. God the Father refused, Luke 23:18 God the Son refused, Acts 7:51,54-60 God the Holy Spirit refused. This is fairly involved and we not Jewish, we are "the church", so I move on. Judgement Four, 4*The Nations are judged in the revelation of Christ at the Throne of Glory, on Earth, in the Valley of Jehoshaphat. It is based on the nations treatment of Christ's brethren, the Jews. The result will be,some are saved and some destroyed. This is future. Matt 25:31-46 Joel 3:1-2 Rev 21:24 Judgement Five, 5* The wicked dead will be judged during the renovation of the Earth byFire, before the Great White Throne. This is based on their works and will result in being cast in the Lake of Fire. This is future. Rev 20:11-15 This takes place at close of millennium, a thousand years after the judgement of the nations. The Great White Throne will not be on the Earth. The earth will be on fire. 2Peter 3:7 This is a sad judgement. It will include many "good" people. Only they refused Christ. There will be varing degrees of punishment, but none will escape. Jude 6 says the fallen angels (not the devils angels) will be judged at this time also. Again fairly deep. We aint angels either. I hope this is helpful. Please receive it well. I'll be available, if you want to talk about it further. Pray on this, and if there is any who differ, please, I am open to your convincing me otherwise, through His Word. This is what I have found and referenced.
Life, Now, is all that may effect these judgements. It may be of benefit to learn of such things. I only say this because it is in God's Word, and that for us.

Love to All

Speaking Life Ministries.

Monday, June 8, 2009

If you loved me

Hey there,
I missed last posting date. I am very "not happy" about it. I was out of town and stuck without pc. It is possible to do from my blackberry, but difficult. The topic is going to hit us square in the where we live area. Jesus said, If you love me, keep my comandments. Do we? Love is more than a verbal confession. If you say you love your wife and never show it or put that into action, then do you really? If we love Jesus, I'd say much would need be, put into action, now. Do you honor Him? Do you meet His commission? Are you obedient? Is He first and you and all else, second? Good questions, huh? What He wants come before what you want? Well..... That's tough isn't it. Is it possible to love someone and not believe in them? Do you believe in Jesus? Why do you love Him? Are you thinking yet? Jesus loves us! So very much, that He gave His life for us. He did this willingly. He wasn't trying to bargain or trade with us. He gave us a gift. To not acknowledge that gift is not honour> It is not Love> and most certainly not obedience. We must learn to love. That's right. We must learn to love, Him. When people are cross with you, Are they loving you? Probably not. When denominational differences cause friction, how are we showing love? When we hold a grudge against, are we showing love? No! If love cannot be seen in us or our actions, Is Christ in us? Whew, good one, you say. Do we love Him when His love is not in us? When we judge, do we show love? If you form an opinion and follow through with a certain action, based on that opinion, DO WE show love? Not even> There is no trading, in love. You don't love someone because they do something for you or act as you approve. We should pursue agape love. God's true and perfect love. Really unconditional. No matter what.
Paul talks about love, a lot, in his Epistles. Find an example in 1Cor chapter 13. All the gifts and fruits of the Spirit are love based. How may we have anything without love. If we truly love Jesus, we should surely show it and by loving all others, if for no other reason than, He told us to.
If we struggle with this, how can we show love? How can we say, We love Him. If people are most always at contention with you and your beliefs and are always talking bad about you, do you think they love you? I'd say not! And if not, then how can they possibly love Jesus? The straight of it, THEY CANNOT. The Word tells us we cannot love Jesus and hate our brother. We spend a lot more action showing just how much we don't love Jesus, than we ever could otherwise, in this. Hey Mr Methodist, do you love me? Howdy Mr Catholic, any love for me? Hmm, Mr Baptist, can I meet you in heaven? See...Jesus is the way, not ANY denomination! If you love me, it wouldn't matter what faith I was or how I'm dressed or even what my past is. Your love could simply meet mine and we could be of 1 accord. You do know that is the church, don't you? Please see the lesson on church. Let's show love. If that be too difficult, just step aside and let the Love of Jesus, be seen in you. That is how it is supposed to be anyway. Too hard? Maybe you need to check yourself. Do you love Jesus? Do you Jesus loves you, He is not mad at you either. Put love into action. Today! Love the Lord,, by doing what He said.

Love You,
really, really